Diese Teile braucht dein Kind unbedingt!

Your child absolutely needs these parts!

Yay, summer is coming! Time to scour our children's wardrobe and make room for beautiful, joyful, fresh summer clothes again! Did you know that you can sell your MORIIKO clothing...
Packliste für deinen nächsten Urlaub

Packing list for your next vacation

Hey, are you planning a family vacation and wondering how to pack for your kids and babies? Don't worry, we understand you!  Download the ultimate packing list for your next holiday with children here.
So pflegst du deine Kleidung nachhaltig

This is how you care for your clothes sustainably

This is how you care for your clothes sustainably. 01: hand wash Knitwear should very carefully Washed to keep shape and keep clothes looking beautiful. To do this, just use this hand wash...


what is SECOND LOVE? SECOND LOVEoffers you the opportunity to return worn Moriiko clothes to us and thus pass them on to others in order to extend the life of the...
About ME

About ME

HI MADS! (=MAMA & DADS) I am Jasmin, the founder and designer of MORIIKO. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the fashion world. I always loved...