Yay, summer is coming!

Time to scour our children's wardrobe and make room for beautiful, joyful, fresh summer clothes again!

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But what should you pay attention to when buying your summer clothes?

Here are our tips on how to find the perfect clothes for your child.

When it comes to dressing your kids for the summer, it's important to choose clothes that are comfortable, breathable, and protect from the sun.

 Here are some must-have clothes for your kids in the summer:

  1. T-shirts: Look for organic cotton or other natural, breathable fabrics that will keep your kids cool and comfortable. Choose lighter colors, as they reflect the sun's rays and don't absorb heat.


Organic cotton is recommended due to direct contact with the skin, as it contains less pollutants than conventional cotton and thus protects against allergies and skin irritations.


  1. Shorts: Choose lightweight, loose-fitting shorts that allow air to circulate and keep your kids cool. Cotton, linen and other natural fibers are also good options here. They are perfect for trips to the playground and are also great for longer car journeys, or walks in the stroller, as the children can sit comfortably, nothing pinches and they have a lot of freedom of movement.



  1. Cooler summer days / summer evenings: If the days are not quite so hot yet, we recommend loose-fitting, airy, long trousers made of organic cotton and a T-shirt or top to go with it. A small jacket or a longsleeve are quickly pulled over in the evening and are super comfortable to wear and comfortable due to the light fabric. The combination is totally casual and just looks cool.            


  1. Onesie: especially for smaller children who are still in the stroller, crawling or even starting their first wild climbing attempts, we recommend using a onesie. It is quickly dressed, super cozy and soft. The one-piece fits loosely and allows the skin to breathe, but keeps babies optimally warm thanks to the organic cotton, which is also sweat-absorbing. Especially when crawling or climbing, it is important to wear tighter-fitting clothing so that it does not slip and the small wild ones may not slip. do not get caught on your clothes while climbing. And of course, they just look so cute!



  1. Poncho: The poncho is the absolute MUST HAVE for the bathing season! You are with your kids in the swimming pool, in the garden or on the beach and the little ones have just come out of the water, now quickly, off to the blanket and take off wet bathing suits. The poncho is simply pulled over the head and warms up the children again. The hood protects wet hair from the wind and the sun. This allows the children to dry off comfortably and at the same time they are protected from the sun when playing in the sand. The poncho also allows the children to move freely and feel completely comfortable. It is also so loose that enough air reaches the skin, and the organic cotton easily absorbs water and sweat.            


  1. Hats: Sun hats provide protection for your child's face, neck and ears. Hats made of lightweight, breathable fabrics with a wide brim are therefore recommended to protect your child's face from the sun. The organic cotton also prevents sweating on the head, as it is breathable and sweat-absorbent. In strong winds, simply tie the soft band under the chin and the hat will not be blown away and will not be lost.



To complete the looks, your kids can wear the following:

  1. Sunglasses: Protect your child's eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Sunglasses with lenses that offer 100% UV protection with UV400 are mandatory. There are also many great colors and shapes that match the summer look of your little ones.


  1. Sandals: Lightweight, comfortable sandals are a must-have in summer. Choose sandals with sturdy soles and footbed. Straps should be soft and possibly soft. Be padded so that your child's feet don't get blisters and the shoes don't rub or irritate. Again, look for materials that absorb sweat so that your feet don't sweat too much and your feet don't start to slip while running.

As a general rule, choose clothes that fit well and allow your child to move freely. The clothes should be comfortable and breathable. Look for organic cotton or other natural materials to avoid sweating in the children. In addition, these materials are friendly to your children's skin and prevent skin irritation and discomfort.

With these must-have items, your child will be ready to have all the fun summer has to offer!


May 17, 2023