MORIIKO is a sustainable kids brand from the heart of Germany.

The name comes from Japanese and means "The forest child".

For us, children of the forest are the symbol of children as they should be: free, wild and wonderful.
It's the kids who come home with broken pants, muddy hands and big grins on their faces. The small and large world explorers who are allowed to be as they are.

Of course, the clothes of these wild robbers have to put up with a lot! That's why we at MORIIKO rely on the highest quality of our clothing. It is robust, sustainable and made to last for a long time.

We value materials in organic quality, GOTS-certified cotton and sustainable production. For a greener future.

The design is minimalist, timeless and UNISEX, but with a lot of fun in the details. Not so serious, because those who wear MORIIKO aren't either ;-)
Only one thing is clear here, there are NO fast fashion pieces, only favorite pieces for eternity.

Have you outgrown your favorite piece? Wonderful, then please pass it on, this thing can make many more children happy!

You don't have a buyer for it? We'll buy your part back from you!
In this way we save important resources, protect the environment and make everyone involved happy!

The SECOND LOVE goods can also be shopped again on our website.

You too can equip your forest child and become part of our valuable MOM-ORIIKO community. =)

We LOVE you