This is how you care for your clothes sustainably.

01: hand wash

Knitwear should very carefully Washed to keep shape and keep clothes looking beautiful. To do this, just use this hand wash program of the washing machine.

02: low temperature

A temperature of 30 Grad enough to remove unsightly stains and prevent your beloved clothes from shrinking.

03: Detergent 

To protect your clothes and the environment, use a ECO detergent, they are just as effective as conventional detergents and do not harm you or the environment.

04: fabric softener

Use no fabric softener, because they are full of chemicals and have health and ecological disadvantages. Alternatively, you can use vinegar, baking soda, or washing soda diluted with water. A few drops of essential oils on a washcloth are enough for a fresh scent.

05: spots

Since our clothes go through a lot in everyday life, it also happens that one or the other stain ends up on the clothes. It is needed here too no toxic stain removers, household remedies such as baking soda, curd soap, washing soda or citric acid are sufficient. Please always use selectively and incorporate gently.

06: Dry

Especially knitwear belongs not in the dryer! It should be placed on a towel on the drying rack. Simply pull the garment back into shape and let it dry. Avoid hanging the clothes so they don't unravel due to the heaviness of the water.

With these tips you will enjoy yours for a long time MORIIKO clothing to have!

October 17, 2022