From the heart of Germany
Organic quality and GOTS certified cotton
Environmentally friendly and responsible manufacturing

what is SECOND LOVE?

SECOND LOVEoffers you the opportunity to return worn Moriiko clothes to us and thus pass them on to others in order to extend the life of the sustainably produced garment

extend and give other children (and of course parents 😊) a pleasure.

How works SECOND LOVE?

We want you with us SECOND LOVEgive the opportunity to use your worn Moriiko parts from which
your child has outgrown it, to send it back to us. For this you can simply take a photo of your
Simply send us your garments by email. After we have checked the condition, you can
send it to us and you will be paid a sum of money or a voucher for it. Well will
uploaded the product back to our site and put it on sale at a discounted price

What parts can be sold to us?

The parts should be in very good condition. Small signs of use
you are welcome to let us know in the mail so that we can work up the defects if necessary.


With SECOND LOVE we want to prevent our high-quality and sustainably produced Moriiko
Gather items in the closet.
We believe that buying second-hand is more important than ever!
Buying and selling used not only reduces pollution and mass production,
but also protects our natural resources and thus the climate of our planet. Besides is
the quality is usually no less good than that of new products.
So you're not only doing good for the environment, you're also making others happy, who always have been
wanted one of the unique Moriiko sweethearts.

October 12, 2022