I am Jasmin, the founder and designer of MORIIKO.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the fashion world. I always loved beautiful things and clothes but also the way & how one's personality can be expressed through clothes.

My obsession for fashion was strengthened from year to year so much that I decided to become a fashion designer and founder of my own fashion brand.

No sooner said than done, a few years later I founded, together with my partner, an accessories label called INYATI, which we still run successfully today.

With the birth of our little treasure, I noticed how my focus and needs changed from one day to the next. Everything revolved around the little one and that also made itself felt in our everyday life. I love to dress little P. cool and casual. For this, I was also happy to do without one or the other. 

The design of my everyday life suddenly became more sustainable piece by piece. I transferred these new habits to my whole life.

In search of a children's / baby brand, I came quite quickly to the realization that my requirements could not be met 100%.

Of course I want the clothes for our treasure to look super cool, but also to be free of harmful substances, of high quality, safe, cozy, sustainable and fair. With the label MORIIKO we now combine all the important components and even offer a real sustainable cycle with our second-love goods.

...and here we are, the first collection is going online soon and we can't wait to inspire you and your little ones with our MORIIKO pieces!

September 20, 2022