Hey, are you planning a family vacation and wondering how to pack for your kids and babies? Don't worry, we understand you! With our ultimate packing list for beach holidays with children and babies you are well prepared.  

So, what do you absolutely have to pack? Here are a few tips:

Clothes: Pack several changes of clothes for each day of the trip. Don't forget to bring pajamas, swimwear, sun hats and sunglasses. Bring a warm jacket or sweater depending on your destination, and remember to pack socks and shoes for your kids, and nappies and wipes for babies. Extra underwear for children is also important.

Toiletries: Bring toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hair brushes or combs. Shampoo, body wash or soap and lotion are also important. Don't forget sunscreen with SPF 50. Diapers can often be bought locally, but it's better to be safe than sorry and you should pack enough for the first few days.

Baby gear: If you bottle feed or use formula, remember to bring bottles and formula with you. Pacifier, baby carrier or stroller and a travel cot or pack and play are also important. A child seat is necessary for traveling by car. Here you can always clarify with the accommodation whether something can be provided.

Entertainment: Keep your kids busy with books, tablets, downloaded movies, games and travel-friendly board games or card games. Coloring books and crayons, along with their favorite stuffed animal or blanket, can also be life-savers. Pro tip: For long trips, get a toy that your kids aren't familiar with, it'll also stay interesting longer than the ones they already know.

Miscellaneous: Bring snacks, snacks and more snacks and drinks with you, when you travel you're always more hungry than usual! Pack a first aid kit with basic supplies and necessary medication. Don't forget your camera or smartphone for photos and videos. Electronics chargers so you can respond in an emergency. A travel pillow and a blanket for the flight or car ride are also important for a little nap and feel-good environment.

So remember to adjust the list according to your destination, the duration of the trip and the specific needs of your kids. By following this packing list, you can have peace of mind that you have everything you need for a successful and stress-free family vacation. Have fun packing!


Here is the packing list to save:

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April 24, 2023